पारसले सोनिकालाई पिङ खेलाउदै, सोनिका संगको यस्तो सम्बन्धले गर्दा हिमानीले डि’भोर्स दिदै (भिडियो)

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पारसले सोनिकालाई पिङ खेलाउदै, सोनीका र पारसको यस्तो सम्बन्धले गर्दा हिमानीले डि’भोर्स दिदै (हेर्नुहोस् भिडियो)
Former Crown Prince Paras Shah who has become the talk of the town for his relationship with model and Youtuber Sonika Rokaya has said he doesn’t have urge to become a King. In a brief conversation with Khabarhub, Shah told that he was free to do anything. When asked about his closeness with Rokaya, Paras said, “ Am I a King to be ashamed for riding a motorcycle?” The former Crown Prince said he was not born to be King and doesn’t have the royal attitude.“I feel independent while riding a motorcycle,” Shah told Khabarhub, “I spend my life like a saint.”A video of the former Crown Prince Shah and Youtuber Rokaya has gone viral on social media.

In the video, Shah is seen and heard telling his supporters to refrain from calling him ‘pro-monarchist’ suggesting them to call ‘Nepalis’. He then starts his bike when a lady, Sonika, sits as a pillion rider and disappears. During the conversation, he revealed that he has been living separately in an apartment and not with the other former royals in Nirmal Niwas.“I own a motorcycle, a vehicle and an apartment as property,” he said. Shah added that he doesn’t have any greed to gain power.

“I don’t have any urge to become a King. I love to study and meditate,” he said. At a time when people are raising questions about his lifestyle and behavior, the former Crown Prince said that such things don’t affect him. “I am an open person and there is nothing to hide,” he said, adding that he is currently involved in studying Eastern Philosophy.

यो पनि पढ्नुहोस – हिमानी शाहले यस्तो लेखिन्’
पूर्व युवराज पारस शाह मुस्ताङमा रहेका बेला हिमानी शाहले फेसबुकमार्फत भावुव स्टाटस लेख्नु भएको छ ।
शाहको अफिसियल फेसबुकमा यस्तो लेखिएको छ । पूर्व युवराज पारस पोखरादेखि म्याग्दीहुँदै बुधबार दिउँसो मुस्ताङ पुग्नु भएको हो । अन्नपूर्ण बेसक्याम्प हुँदै मुस्ताङ पुग्नु भएका शाहको टोलीमा विवादित युट्युवर सोनिका रोकाया पनि देखिएकी छन् ।

हेलिकप्टर चढेर अन्नपूर्ण बेसक्याम्प पुग्नु भएका शाहसँगै सोनिका पनि देखिएकी हुन् । सोनिकाले सेयर गरेको भिडियोमा पारस र सोनिका सँगै हेलिकप्टरमा चढेको देखिन्छ। ‘डेआउट विथ पारस सरकार’ भन्दै सोनिकाले राखेको भिडियोमा पारस र सोनिका पिङ खेलिरहेको पनि देखिन्छ । सोनिकासँग पारस नजिक भएपछि निर्मल निवासले हिमानीमाथि डिभोर्स दिन दबाब बढाएका खबर सार्वजनिक भएका छन् ।

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